Customer Focused Supply Chain Solutions For the Technology Industry
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UEG Presents the Who, What, How, Where and When: Infographic

Here is a glimpse into United Electronics Group.

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United Electronics Group Programs & Initiatives

A presentation of UEG core capabilities, key performance indicators (KPI) and company forecast.

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The Cornerstone of UEG: The Electronics Repair Technician

United Electronics Group's repair technicians are the foundation of our company's success. UEG technicians are certified and highly trained in specific repair categories to perform each repair with speed, accuracy and quality. The graphic below provides the key attributes present within each of our company's repair technicians. 

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Overview of UEG for the Consumer Electronics Industry: White Paper

In this white paper we explore how UEG impacts the consumer electronics field, from the company's beginnings in camera repair to its rise as a national leader in the technology industry supply chain. In addition, we view the benefits UEG brings to manufacturers and individual consumers alike, from KPIs to reporting and speed.

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